Massage Therapy Memberships - Melbourne, FL

Discounted Monthly Massage

To help my regular patients (and future regulars) save money while benefitting from regular healing or relaxation massage, I am offering automatic Monthly Massage Memberships.


With a Monthly Massage Membership you have the advantage…

  • Discounted Rates (whether one massage or ten)
  • Lock-in The Lowest Massage Rates (never be affected by future price increases)
  • Exclusive Specials And Discounts (only members get truly and regularly pampered)
  • And more!


Membership Benefits & Terms

(Secure Auto-pay setup through your choice of CC or PayPal account. No Contracts!)


Good For The Whole Family

Monthly massage membership is valid and transferable for the entire household; immediate family.


Unused Massages Rollover

Unused massages will roll over for up to 6 months! They can also be split up into 30 minute increments, if desired. For example: if you get 1 monthly massage and you miss a month, you can choose to get a 1 1/2 hour massage each month for the following two months.


Massage Sharing & Gift-giving

Massages can be transferred to a non-family member for a $10 fee, per massage. Great for gift-giving! (immediate family is always free)

Members can transfer only one (1) massage to the same non-family individual per six month rolling period.


Free Massages

For every friend you refer that becomes a monthly massage member, you will receive a Free 30 Minute Massage Upgrade the following month!

It now pays to share the benefits of regular massage!



Membership Plans



Additional massages can be added for just $20 each to this plan only, for the main member and immediate family. Massages can also be broken up into 1.5 hour increments. ie: Two 1.5 Hour Massages

About Sherry

Sherry grew up in the world of Chiropractic and Natural Health and started her over 30 year career in the natural health field as a Certified Chiropractic Assistant, and Therapy & X-Ray Technician. Sherry has since become a Licensed Massage Therapist in the Melbourne, Florida area in order to help more people find healing through natural methods.

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